screenshot of council speechCondemning the cuts at the Council budget meeting

My speech at the budget-setting meeting in March 2015. I call for more protection for people hit by the bedroom tax and being forced to pay council tax despite having no incomes, and condemn the coalition's austerity policies for trying to "squeeze local government to death". Skip to 1.27.45 on the timeline.

screenshot of council speechCalling for anti-suicide measures at Archway bridge

At a Camden Council meeting in January 2015, asking other councillors to join me in backing plans for safety measures at the site of many tragedies near my ward.

screenshot of ITV newsWarning about air pollution in Cambridge

On ITV Anglia for the Roads to Nowhere campaign, warning about the dangers of generating new traffic and pollution with the huge A14 bypass project, October 2013.

screenshot of green alliance hustings videoGreen Alliance hustings

My rather cheeky speech at the big Green Alliance London Mayor hustings on 14 February 2008. Can you trust any of the other candidates to take real action on climate change?

screenshot of stonewall hustings videoStonewall hustings

My speech to the Pink News/Stonewall hustings for the London campaign in 2008. Greens already had a fantastic record on LGBTIQ issues, which made fitting everything I wanted to say into five minutes a bit tricky.

screenshot of London Citizens videoLondon Citizens Mayoral Accountability Assembly 2008

In front of the most amazing crowd I've ever spoken in front of - 3,000 strong in Westminster. Pledging to meet (and exceed) the London Citizens demands on affordable housing, community land trusts and lower energy buildings. Please skip through Boris Johnson to 1m38s.

screenshot of free insulation videoPromoting free insulation with the Green AMs

As part of the 2008 campaign, I joined the Green Assembly Members, Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones, to pledge to make free insulation for all a reality if they were re-elected. Also shows the scheme already in action in Yorkshire, thanks to Green Councillors in Kirklees.

screenshot of tate videoNaming and shaming the Tate for low pay

Living wages have always been a massive concern of mine. Here I'm taking part in a Christmas demonstration at the Tate Modern art gallery, with the London Citizens campaign, to highlight low wages in London.

screenshot of peach paper videoVote Green on the Peach Paper 2008

With Darren Johnson AM and Jean Lambert MEP in Islington, getting across to voters which is the important ballot paper for getting Greens on the Assembly. Giant peach made by my own hands!

screenshot of ken livingstone videoVote Siân 1, Ken 2 to stop Boris

Here I explain the Green Party in London's decision to recommend voters give their first vote for Mayor to us and then use their second vote as insurance against a Boris Johnson/Tory monopoly over London. All I warned about is now coming true, scarily.

screenshot of parliament square videoFree Parliament Square!

On 18 March, the first official day of the London campaign, I called for freedom for Parliament Square and the cancellation of the 'restricted zone' for protest in Westminster. We should use the police to prevent crime - rather than control protests, obviously.

screenshot of budget day videoEvery day is budget day for Londoners

Budget day, 12 March 2008. In the freezing dawn in Kentish Town, I set out, with the help of some green pound notes, to how the Greens would create a greener, more affordable London.

screenshot of Aled Fisher videoWith the youngest GLA candidate in 2008

Presenting Aled Fisher, our 21 year old Young Green candidate for the North East GLA constituency in 2008.

screenshot of Question TimeQuestion Time 2007 - "Cannabis Granny"

IIRC this was the first question on this edition of Question Time and they came to me first to answer so you can literally see the cogs of my brain working - gets much more confident as I warm to the topic!

screenshot of flood videoFlood risks in a future London

A short video warning that plans for new roads and homes in London's Thames Gateway could create flood risks in the future. Can't we plan our city better?

screenshot of political slot videoChannel 4 Political Slot 2007

This is an annual 3 minute slot we get on Channel 4. In 2007, we showed how the government still isn't doing the basic things to help us live a greener life. Outrageously, in 2008, our piece about living wages was cut out of our video altogether, making it all about 'greener living' instead - I'm still fuming, and we can't put that on YouTube any more - pah!

screenshot of recycling debate videoRecycling 'debate' on BBC

This discussion of council recycling schemes has been viewed an awful lot of times on YouTube - mainly I think because my adversary in the debate, Professor James Woodhuysen, is being a prize arse!

screenshot of businesses videoLaunching Greens Mean Business

My Mayoral campaign was rated top by the Federation of Small Businesses. Here I take a whistlestop tour of small, independent and green businesses in London to launch a new website.

screenshot of paris bikes videoGoing Green in Paris and London

Green Deputy Mayor of Paris, Denis Baupin, visited London to talk about bike schemes. Paris has more than 20,000 street bikes available for hire and they changed the image of cycling in Paris virtually overnight when they were introduced in July 2007.

screenshot of urban dinosaur videoPetrified Porsche - urban dinosaur hunting in Mayfair

With the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s, I went on an urban dinosaur hunt in the vicinity of the Porsche showrooms in Mayfair. Porsche was trying to stop Londoners charging gas-guzzlers more to drive in our city with a legal challenge.

sreenshot of cars and co2 videoCar ads - where's the CO2 info?

With the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s. Most car adverts were breaking the law by not displaying information on their carbon dioxide emissions. But, after our campaign pointed out the government guidelines were at fault, they were changed. You'll now see billboards with quite prominent CO2 information - success!

screenshot of heathrow videoLaunch of North London Against Heathrow Expansion

My short video message to the Stop Heathrow Expansion rally at Westminster Hall - reporting from the launch of North London Against Heathrow Expansion in Finsbury Park. Yes, aircraft noise and pollution affect us Northerners too.

screenshot of conference speech videoConference keynote speech autumn 2007

My final conference speech as Principal Speaker of the Green Party before taking on the Mayoral race in London. This was shown live on the BBC news channel, which made it fairly nerve-wracking compared with most conference speeches.

screenshot of census videoCensus Alert campaign launch

Launching  the Census Alert campaign to stop Lockheed Martin getting the contract for the UK Census in 2011 and getting their hands on our data.

They got the contract in the end, but we succeeded in having some safeguards put in place, thanks to getting the Treasury Select Committee interested in the issue.

screenshot of mudwash videoMudwash

The Alliance Against Urban 4x4s out in Chelsea offering urban 4x4 drivers an authentic coating of country mud for their shiny vehicles. This was a superb day of fun with the crew from a few years back, including young versions of Richard from Plane Stupid and Laura from Caroline Lucas's office.

screenshot of alliance launch videoLaunch of the Alliance Against Urban 4x4s

Film of the campaign's launch event in Kensington in 2004, including me, Jenny Jones AM, Blake Ludwig, Hayley Rolfe, and Suzy Edwards.

Councillor and local activist

The only Green on the Council

I was elected to Camden Council representing Highgate Ward in May 2014, taking over after eight years from previous Green councillor Maya de Souza.

I live near Tufnell Park tube station and used to live next to the Heath, and I have been active in local campaigns since 2001, first as an anti-war campaigner, and then on transport and pollution issues and the Kings Cross railwaylands development. I first stood for council in Highgate Ward in 2002.

On the council, I am the only Green Councillor with 40 Labour councillors, 12 Conservatives and one Lib Dem.

I sit on the Resources and Corporate Performance scrutiny committee and, from there, have raised many issues around funding local services and conditions for local workers, particularly the Living Wage.

I'm also working on getting better planning policies and reducing air pollution, raising this at a London level too by demanding a more effective low emission zone and better facilities for bikes.

Help for community services

I was very pleased when the first motion I put to the council was passed in November, and as a result there is now a £1 million reserve fund to help prevent local community centres and libraries from closing.

screenshot of council speech

London 2008 and 2012

Mayor and Assembly campaign 2008

In the 2008 London elections I was the Green candidate for London Mayor and number four on the party list for the London Assembly.

Our campaign aimed to show that green policies make a more affordable city, with lower transport fares, more affordable housing, free insulation to reduce bills and a living wage. We aimed to reach beyond the usual ‘green' issues and to increase our vote on the London Assembly, while improving on our previous seventh place in the race for Mayor.

Coming fourth behind Boris, Ken and Brian, was a great result - more than one in six London voters gave me one of their two votes, and my candidacy won the endorsement of both the Independent and Observer newspapers for first choice votes.

Our Assembly vote also stood up to a major Ken/Boris squeeze, and we increased the number of Green votes by 43,000, keeping our two Assembly Members (unlike the LibDems, who lost votes and two of their AMs).

Sack Boris 2012

In 2012, I got together with a small group of Greens and the TSSA union to have fun running an independent campaign to Sack Boris.

Our strategy was to increase scrutiny of the Mayor's record over his first term, and to increase turnout in progressive areas of London to help defeat him.

We produced and gave away more than 100,000 lovely oyster wallet holders to commuters, and gained a healthy following on social media, finishing off with a big 'get out the vote' operation.

banknote leaflet from 2008 free insulation Sack Boris projection Vanity bus protest

Transport campaigner

Stopping damaging roads

Since 2011 my day job has been as a roads and sustainable transport campaigner at the charity Campaign for Better Transport

My work has mainly revolved around opposing the government's many new road-building plans and supporting local communities and campaigns. We've had some success in stopping and delaying individual schemes, while the budget for road-building has kept rising, despite all the evidence that new roads create new traffic and fill up again very quickly.

I pop up regularly on radio and TV speaking in support of local and national campaigns, and attend a range of boards and meetings with ministers, advisory groups and senior civil servants.

Some successes…

Still working on…