Greens Welcome General Election and Will Campaign Hard to Retain Brighton Pavilion  

The Green Party welcomes today’s announcement of a general election as the chance for voters to choose hope, respect and practical solutions to the crises facing the country.

Brighton Pavilion parliamentary candidate Siân Berry said:

“This isn’t a moment too soon. We have the policies, we are ready, and want as much as anyone to see the back of this disastrous Conservative government. With Labour on track to secure a landslide victory, we know the most effective way to do this in Brighton is to vote Green.

“This government has failed on every measure, but they have been held to account by a pioneering Green MP who has represented Brighton for 14 years. Now is the chance to keep that strong, independent voice in Westminster and push the next government to be better.

“I will continue to work for every vote to show people the difference a Green MP will go on making. I’ll campaign to defend the NHS, bring water back into public hands, get people into warm, affordable housing and keep pushing for action in the face of devastating climate change.

“Brighton’s voters have been leading the way since 2010. With more Green MPs in parliament we can continue to make a fair future for all, and be a strong national opposition. I will be your fearless local advocate. Your vote on July 4 will uphold Brighton’s values, build a better future for our children and grandchildren while keeping a strong, independent voice in Parliament.”



The Green Party of England and Wales will stand candidates in every constituency.


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