Successive governments have failed to protect our environment. Sewage has been allowed to pollute our rivers and sea, air pollution has worsened, and the climate emergency is ever-present and intensifying. As your Green voice, I will hold Ministers to account for their failures. I will urge all political parties to move with the urgency so clearly needed to protect our natural world, as well as to meet the challenges of the climate crisis.

“People in Brighton think globally, have strong values and demand climate action locally, as well as being desperately concerned about its global impact. Last year was the hottest on record. I don’t want to be in the generation who had the last chance to act and be the people who failed.
We need and deserve a brighter future for our children. At the next election, you get to choose a Green MP who makes the right calls on climate action and stands up for human rights.”

Siân Berry, MP Candidate for Brighton Pavilion
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