Brighton is notoriously expensive, and renting, let alone buying, is proving out of reach for too many.

Almost a third of social housing in Brighton and Hove has been lost since the introduction of ‘Right to Buy’ in 1980. It has leached away the social housing that people need and contributed to soaring prices that put too many homes beyond the average person.

There are two solutions that would work together – buy more homes to convert to social use, and end Right to Buy which is hurting far more than its helping. Stemming the loss of social homes while actively investing in more stock could make a huge difference and the Government – this one or the next – needs to step up with real funding.

I will win new funding for new council homes because decent housing is a human right and an excellent public investment. A secure, affordable home improves mental and physical health, reduces financial stress, and lifts the huge burden of uncertainty that comes with private renting.

Siân Berry, MP Candidate for Brighton Pavilion
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