My pledge to defend the NHS

We Own It, health workers and NHS campaigners have teamed up to ask candidates in this election to Pledge for the NHS. Here’s my letter signing up to their pledges.

Blue rosette logo. Text: Pledge for the NHS

The team replied saying:

“Thank you so much for your letter and for committing to stand up for our NHS if elected to Parliament.

“We are so excited that Caroline Lucas, a big supporter of public services running in the public interest and not for private profits, could be replaced by someone who shares her principles and passion for our public services.

“After 14 of perhaps the worst years of underfunding, understaffing and privatisation in the 75-year history of our NHS, the service is on its knees. The public desperately needs MPs in parliament who will fight for that most beloved public institution. We are grateful that you have taken the Pledge for the NHS and raised your hand to say that you will be just the kind of MP the public wants in the next parliament.”

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