Water for people, not profit

“Private companies like Southern Water have syphoned off profits for their bosses for far too long. The result is that we don’t know if it’s safe to swim in the sea, and there is flooding contaminated by sewage across Brighton.
I will work with you to make water publicly run and leak free with clean seas where it’s safe to swim.”

Siân Berry, MP Candidate for Brighton Pavilion

Siân’s Plan

Table showing only the greens want to Bring water companies back into public ownership, Stop paying dividends to shareholders and A Nature Bill: to give legal rights to nature with court action to defend it

The Green Party will also;

  • Immediately invest in infrastructure to avoid sewage discharges and storm overflows
  • Restore DEFRA’s budget to allow ministers to fully protect our environment
  • Protect and enhance access to rivers and waterways

Flooding and sewage spills

Caroline Lucas MP & Siân Berry are working together with the community to hold water companies accountable.

The below is a quick guide we hoped we’d never have to make. Can you work with us to tackle sewage in our streets, rivers and seas?

Report a sewage spill guide
How to report a sewage spill - gather evidence, note the date/time, call southern water
People standing in the sea

“Public services should be run by and for people. After knocking on thousands of doors, it’s clear that so many residents in Brighton and Hove are disturbed and angry.”

“Greens will restore power to water regulators and bring these polluters into line, then decide together as a community how to bring England’s water companies back into public hands.”

Siân Berry, MP Candidate for Brighton Pavilion

Photo by Jo Goddard

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